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Calibration & Engine-Mapping Services

To receive the best possible engine performance, the right amount of fuel needs to reach the engine at all times and correct ignition timing is also necessary. To make sure these conditions are met, we apply our calibration and engine-mapping techniques to your electronically controlled engine so the level of performance you desire is reached.

Engine Mapping
Mapping and testing engines at one of our two advanced Dyno Labs is important to ensuring you receive the superior performance you desire from your engine. Our dynamometers load the engine to simulate the moving weight of a vehicle and allow our engineers to develop a run fuel and run spark map. Our engineers will then commit the map to the engine control module (ECM) memory.

Calibration Tuning and Mapping
Engine controller calibration is both an art and a science. Finding out what makes a good and compliant calibration that also performs well and exhibits flawless drivability is not an easy task. It takes a well-trained, experienced and talented engineer. It also takes someone who understands engine and vehicle operation; someone who can feel every little nuance that a vehicle or an engine exhibits. At Technical Services, our development engineering staff has decades of experience in calibration development and vehicle drivablility testing.

Additionally, we painstakingly accumulate data on every run, every test and every drivability trip to ensure that our calibration development is both documented and quality assured.