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Data Acquisition Systems

Although a significant amount of our data acquisition equipment is designed for engine testing, we can also acquire data for a number of other uses as well. We have recently worked on development projects in the agricultural field as well as biomedical and scientific areas. Our data acquiring capabilities include the detection of the dispensing of agricultural chemicals, the movement of devices and control components, and the measurement of respiration rates, body temperatures and an almost unimaginable spectrum of other measurements.

Our newly created TechniCAL data acquisition software is a key component for our data acquisition capabilities. TechniCAL is an in-house developed system for controlling a number of electronic control devices. We can control engine systems, active vehicle safety systems, chemical dispersion systems, and a number of vehicle, industrial, and scientific control and monitoring functions.

Dyno Labs
Our dyno labs serve as crucial resources for data acquisition.

Portable Data Acquisition
Our research and testing often goes outside of the lab, so we have numerous portable systems that can be placed in boats, on- and off-road highway vehicles and race vehicles for the gathering of essential data.

Telemetry Systems and Shorter Development Time
Always with the goal of improving our engineering processes, we operate several portable systems that are connected to telemetry systems. This allows us to significantly shorten development time in projects that require track (automobile or motorcycle) or lake (marine) testing.

With our race telemetry data/calibration development program we can:

  • Change vehicle fuel and spark calibrations
  • Make changes in real-time and on-the-fly as we watch from the stands
  • Change calibrations while the car is on the track