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Dyno Labs

Our dyno lab area is likely to be one of the most versatile labs in the area. We have the capability to develop a number of different engine configurations, including a wide range of fuels ranging from gasoline, to diesel, to bio-fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel. We also test a number of other multi-fuel engine types. Our dyno absorption capacities range from 1800 HP to as small as 1 HP.

Our current dynamometers include:

  • A chassis (roller) dyno for testing motorcycles, quads and other on or off-road vehicles.
  • An additional motoring chassis dyno purposefully designed for motorcycle testing for calibration development and emission testing.
  • A hybrid eddy-current/motoring engine dyno for a wide variety of vehicle engines.
  • A hydraulic engine dyno for a wide range of vehicle, truck and racing engine applications.
  • A vertical shaft engine dyno for testing lawn-mower, vertical shaft pump engines or motors and helicopter engines.
  • A horizontal shaft engine dyno for testing small and mid-sized engines for lawn and garden and industrial applications ranging from 3 to 50 HP up to 15,000 RPM.
Our labs are stainless steel clad in order to ensure maximum cleanliness. The labs are also equipped with specially designed exhaust disposal systems for wet or dry exhaust discharge. Each lab has level controlled water tanks for marine engines that have raw-water pumps.

In addition, our labs are equipped with sensor technology for measuring in-cylinder combustion pressures. This device is useful for the development of specific engine calibrations. Our labs also incorporate monitors and specially designed accelerometers that are used for the development of engine knock calibrations.