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Technical Services has a long-term working relationship with Delphi Delco Electronics. Most of the ECMs we sell are made by Delphi Delco electronics.

It is interesting that when you compare their control strategies with any other engine controller, Delphi products perform "hands-down" above the rest. We have countless hours of test data that continually prove that Delphi controllers perform better than any other.

Delphi's rigorous testing, validation and production engineering can't be matched by anyone in the industry. Most other aftermarket controllers have one or two dozen development engineers at best.

A key consideration when purchasing an engine controller has to be the amount of engineering behind both the development and manufacturing of the component. Delphi is the largest engine control manufacturer in the world. They have over 1,900 engineers at their Kokomo, Indiana facility alone. That in addition to hundreds at Luxemburg, Singapore and dozens of other locations.

If you want flawless reliability and perfect control strategies, rely on Delphi Delco Electronics controllers and Technical Services application engineering and support for your engine control projects.

It's hard to say and not be boastful. If you want the best engineered engine controller, the best manufactured engine controller, the best engineering support and the best price, you really need to call us.

Entrol 05 Engine Control Module
Download the Entrol 05 Brochure

Entrol 22 Engine Control Module
Download the Entrol 22 Brochure

Entrol 88 Engine Control Module
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Gas Direct Injection Module
Download the IDM-2 GDi Controller Brochure