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Our Team

We are located in Syracuse, Indiana.

Syracuse is a small town nestled among some of Indiana’s most beautiful lakes. One might not expect to find a bustling little contract engineering company is Syracuse, but we’re there; clear at the far corner of the Syracuse Technology Park.

We are a unique assemblage of technicians and engineers with an insatiable desire to envision, design and build a myriad of amazing devices and systems. 

Somehow we got the idea that we could successfully engineer almost anything. And in reality- maybe we can. 

Whether you need a tank monitoring system with remote reporting capabilities, or a control system for an engine, or a medical recording and remote reporting device or an autonomous semi- trailer that couples to an autonomous pulling tractor- we very well might well be the group to “pull it off”.

We started designing performance systems for the automotive aftermarket 50 years ago and we have plans to continue designing innovative and outstanding products for the next 50.