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Engineering Power & Performance

Automotive Aftermarket

Component Kits, Hardware Items & Control Modules

We design, engineer and fabricate complete EFI component kits like this one containing a wiring harness, EFI hardware items, and electronic throttle and ECM control module. We offer kits with completely developed engine calibrations as well as components. 

EFI Calibration Development, Testing & Validation

Our Eddy Current/Motoring Dyno is frequently used for EFI calibration development, testing and component validation. In this photo, we are completing a calibration development project for a prominent automotive aftermarket manufacturer 

TechniCAL Software

One of our on-going projects is the development of calibration tools and data acquisition systems. This is a screen shot showing our totally configurable dashboard & heads-up display from our TechniCAL software. 

Product Development

We support a number of automotive aftermarket companies in the product development efforts. In our dyno lab we frequently run failure mode analysis for various engine components.