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Automotive Aftermarket

One of the key components of the automotive aftermarket is the availability of component kits, which allow enthusiasts and professionals alike to upgrade and enhance their vehicles. These kits include a range of hardware items and control modules that are designed to improve performance, increase efficiency, or add unique features to a vehicle.

Another crucial aspect of the automotive aftermarket is EFI calibration development, testing, and validation. Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) systems have revolutionized the way engines perform by providing precise fuel delivery and engine management. However, optimizing these systems requires extensive calibration work to ensure optimal performance across various operating conditions. With advanced techniCAL software tools and expertise in this field, automotive professionals can fine-tune EFI systems for maximum power output while maintaining reliability.

Component Kits, Hardware Items & Control Modules

We design, engineer and fabricate complete EFI component kits like this one containing a wiring harness, EFI hardware items, and electronic throttle and ECM control module. We offer kits with completely developed engine calibrations as well as components. 

EFI Calibration Development, Testing & Validation

Our Eddy Current/Motoring Dyno is frequently used for EFI calibration development, testing and component validation. In this photo, we are completing a calibration development project for a prominent automotive aftermarket manufacturer 

TechniCAL Software

One of our on-going projects is the development of calibration tools and data acquisition systems. This is a screen shot showing our totally configurable dashboard & heads-up display from our TechniCAL software. 

Product Development

We support a number of automotive aftermarket companies in the product development efforts. In our dyno lab we frequently run failure mode analysis for various engine components.