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Engineering Power & Performance

Prototype Wiring Production

Integration and Design

Technical Services has been designing wiring harnesses for multiple applications for over 5 decades. Some of our designs include:

  1. Engine management harnesses for early electronic fuel injection (EFI) applications.
  2. Harnesses for specialty development projects for US Department of defense tanks
  3. Specialty test harnesses for validation testing in harsh conditions.
  4. Harnesses for several Li Ion battery projects
  5. Harnesses for control devices for trucks, motorcycles, test machinery, commercial products, home appliances, drones of various types, and many more.

Drawings and Schematics

Technical Services has extensive design expertise and a cadre of commercial drawing software to design wiring harnesses of various types. We can supply design drawings, build documents, cut sheets, and documentation for almost any type of harness or wiring system sub part. 

Prototype Building

With years of development experience, we can also turn our designs into engineering development unit or prototype parts for your development needs. We can produce layout boards and build assemblies for you. All our harnesses are 100% electronically tested before shipment.

Short Run Production

If you need a short run of a harness built, we can supply your needs. We work closely with our clients to meet time deadlines and help with short run projects.

Harness testing

All our harnesses are designed to meet standard electrical requirements as provided for your specifications. If you don’t have specifications, we can recommend and validate your designs.
We have an impressive assortment of test devices and can design appropriate tests.