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Engineering Power & Performance


Functional Concepts

Much or our work deals in the development of functional concepts. Once a concept is developed we make engineering development units (EDU’s) models, or prototypes which are used in initial testing. 

3D Printing

Our design engineers make 3D drawings of a device that we frequently print on a 3D printer

3D Prototype

This is a 3D print of an environmentally sealed enclosure we developed for the transportation industry. The device contains a circuit board we designed, control software we designed as well as a tactile control and a graphic display screen. 

Unique Mowing Trailer

The unique mowing trailer has an auto dumping hopper system. We completed mechanical engineering and design of the hopper system as well as the hardware and software that operates the hopper. 

Manifold Design

This intake manifold design and prototype development project is among many projects we have completed for companies in the Automotive and Marine industries. 

Camshaft Design

Our client wanted additional power for an engine to be used in power generation. We designed, tested, and validated the cam profile and camshaft for the engine. Once the cam was designed and a prototype constructed; we installed it into an engine, developed the EFI calibration for the engine, tested and validated the engine in our dyno labs, validated the engine with long duration field tests and delivered a fully tested fully functional project to the client.