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Engineering Power & Performance

Testing & Development

Test Track

Testing and validation is an important part of the services we provide. This test track is one that we use for vehicle validation testing. 

Engine Dyno

This is one of several dyno labs that we use for EFI engine calibration development. Our dyno lab capabilities range from 1 to 2000 HP. 

Motorcycle Dyno

Our motorcycle dyno is also equipped to test ATV’s and UTV’s. This dyno is used for engine and chassis testing as well as engine calibration development. 

Engine Calibration Project

A complete engine calibration project normally includes on-road or on-water hot-fuel testing. For this project, we are testing at Saguaro Lake Reservoir in Mesa Arizona.  

Fuel & Altitude Testing

During a calibration development project, we will often complete hot fuel testing and altitude testing in remote testing locations. In this photo, we are completing altitude testing on this Briggs & Stratton marine mud motor package at a lake in the Utah mountains.  

Environmental Testing

An essential part of any product development cycle includes environmental testing. We can test in specialized outdoor cells as well as in environmental chambers. Our in-house laboratory chambers allow us to provide testing that defines and ensures levels of durability, reliability and safety. We can provide tests associated with specific industry standards as well as custom build a test regimen for products we develop.

Electronic Control Testing

We develop a number of electronic control devices. They are small and specific mini computers designed to control a specific device such as an engine, door opener, dishwasher, or suspension system.
Rigorous testing of these devices provides the client and end user a level of assurance that the device will function in a safe manner for an extended period of time.
One of our product testing offerings includes the building on an automated test system. Along with our frequent use of our environmental testing devices, we frequently write special test software algorithms to perform relentless cycle tests of these devices- both under normal operating conditions as well as extreme conditions.