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Engineering Power & Performance

Testing & Development

Test Track

Testing and validation is an important part of the services we provide. This test track is one that we use for vehicle validation testing. 

Engine Dyno

This is one of several dyno labs that we use for EFI engine calibration development. Our dyno lab capabilities range from 1 to 2000 HP. 

Motorcycle Dyno

Our motorcycle dyno is also equipped to test ATV’s and UTV’s. This dyno is used for engine and chassis testing as well as engine calibration development. 

Engine Calibration Project

A complete engine calibration project normally includes on-road or on-water hot-fuel testing. For this project, we are testing at Saguaro Lake Reservoir in Mesa Arizona.  

Fuel & Altitude Testing

During a calibration development project, we will often complete hot fuel testing and altitude testing in remote testing locations. In this photo, we are completing altitude testing on this Briggs & Stratton marine mud motor package at a lake in the Utah mountains.  

Medical Diagnostic Devices

Several of our projects involve medical diagnostic devices. A current project involves the development of a diagnostic wearable and the associated logging, charting software.  Our software also offers a “heads-up” display for real time analysis either in the physician’s office or remotely. 

Systems Software

Our medical diagnostic systems include the development of both hardware, wearables, and software. Out software will log and chart and provide diagnostic aids as well. We can log both long term and immediate testing both on site and remotely.